Update RapidChange For Mach3


RapidChange For Mach3 v2.0.0 has introduced breaking changes from earlier versions. If you have already installed an earlier version, please follow these instructions as there are a few extra steps that must be taken.

Record Settings

The DRO’s and LED’s used by RapidChange have been reorganized and as a result the settings configured on your current installation of RapidChange For Mach3 will need to be recorded and re-entered in the new screen set. Be sure to take a snapshot of your current settings before getting started.


There is no installer for RapidChange For Mach3. It is a zip file containing the scripts, bitmaps, and screen set for RapidChange. When you unzip a new version, the old files remain in place in your Mach3 directory. When we are only updating existing files, this works efficiently as the old files are replaced. Version 2 has condensed the scripts for RapidChange considerably leaving many older files that will no longer be needed. In order to avoid the clutter of unneccesary scripts and bitmaps, I suggest removing these subdirectories, and all of their contents, before unzipping the new version.

  1. Mach3/Bitmaps/RapidChange/
  2. Mach3/ScreenSetMacros/RapidChange.set/

Install Latest Version

Choose and download the latest version of RapidChange For Mach3 here. Be sure to choose the same DRO block as your previous version to avoid any conflict and then unzip its contents directly into your Mach3 root directory (~/Mach3/). This will create/overwrite the following directories and screen set file.

  1. Mach3/Bitmaps/RapidChange/
  2. Mach3/ScreenSetMacros/RapidChange.set/
  3. Mach3/macros/RapidChange/
  4. Mach3/RapidChange.set

Profile Macros

The ~/Mach3/macros/RapidChange/ directory contains the Mxxx.m1s files required by Mach3Mill to incorporate RapidChange functionality with M-Codes for Mach3. The files in this directory correspond to RapidChange macros and must be copied into your profile’s ~/Mach3/macros/<profile>/ folder in order to be called with the assigned M-Codes. Every file in this directory may be renamed with a new M-Code number at the users discretion with the exception of M6Start.m1s. This file should never be renamed and must replace the current M6Start.m1s in your profile’s macros folder.

Reset DRO’s and LED’s

M999.m1s, one of the included RapidChange macros, will reset all of the DRO’s and LED’s for your RapidChange installation, creating a fresh starting point. Once you have copied the M-Code macros into your profile’s macros folder, run M999 (Or Mxxx.m1s if you renamed this macro) from the MDI on your screen. You should see a dialogue box pop up, asking with a warning asking for confirmation to reset. Confirm, and you will notice all values in the configuration section will be zeroed and all LED’s will be turned off with the exception of UNLOCKED.

Restore Settings

Now that you have your fresh installation in place, use the snapshot that you took of your previous settings to quickly restore your configuration. There are some changes to the layout and some new settings. Watch this video for a step-by-step introduction to configuring settings in the new screen set or refer to the list of settings and their definitions here.

Updated on February 7, 2024

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