Outstanding Customer Support

One on One Support through our Discord Server before and after the sale. I am dedicated to my customers and my entire mission centers around you! I am generally available on Discord to answer any questions or lend assistance. We are located in the EST time zone of the US and I don’t keep bankers hours.

I am Don Greilick, the inventor of the RapidChange ATC system. I had you in mind when I decided to bring this revolutionary, affordable ATC solution to the world. I personally stand behind my ATC magazines 100% and I Guarantee that you will experience increased production employing my ATC system. I also Guarantee you will receive some of the best customer support in the Industry. When I stumbled on to this process I knew what it would mean for you and how much it would increase your enjoyment of operating your CNC without breaking the bank!

Our team and I will assist you in getting your CNC ready for RapidChange ATC Before you buy!

We are a small family business and we’re all dedicated to your success!

Updated on February 25, 2024

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