Speeds and Feeds


The spindle speed and feed rate settings work in tandem to allow your spindle to provide the proper torque for threading and unthreading the clamping nuts in your RapidChange Automatic Tool Change (ATC) Magazine.

The rotational force of the spindle (speed and mass), combined with the sudden stop facilitated by the RapidChange RC Socket (patent pending), provides the torque for a complete and reliable tool change. Your spindle acts as an impact wrench for the RapidChange RC Socket. This is how a spindle rated at 0.65ft/lbs of torque can deliver between 10 and 14ft/lbs to the clamping nut.

Feed Rate and Acceleration

The engagement feed rate and the acceleration setting of your Z axis work in tandem with the spindle speed to make the action during a tool change smooth. Recommended acceleration for the Z axis is 200 mm/sec.
When properly configured, the clamping nut should not move up or down much from its resting position during loading. Watch this short video to observe the action of the clamping nut when properly configured.

Visual Speed Reference

Here is a short video showing the spindle running at different RPMS for a visual reference for those without a tachometer.

Speed and Feed Ratios


ER11 spindle speeds range from 1600-2000rpm and feed rates of 2100-2500mm/min respectively. Spindles from 75w to 1.5Kw


ER16 spindle speeds range from 1500-1900rpm and feed rates of 2000-2400mm/min respectively. Spindles from 500w to 1.5Kw


ER20 spindle speeds range from 1200-1500rpm and feed rates of 1700-2000mm/min respectively. Spindles from 1.5Kw to 2.2Kw


ER25 spindle speeds range from 700-1200rpm and feed rates of 1500-2000mm/min respectively. Spindles from 3Kw to 6Kw

Updated on February 25, 2024

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