Dust Cover Control

A MEAN WELL RD-35B 5v-24v combo power supply for the IR sensor and the stepper driver (24v is recommended for the stepper drivers). Is included with the Premium Magazines.

Stepper Motors

2 Nema 17 43-20 stepper motors to drive the dust cover. The best voltage we have found for smooth operation is 24v.

Axis Control Settings

The motors may be controlled with an available axis use the following as a guide for setting up the axis in your control software:
Steps per unit: 1350
Max Velocity: 2500mm/min or 98in/min
Acceleration: 200
Dir: Active High
Closed position: 0
Open position: 33mm or 1.3in

Stepper driver

A TB6600 stepper driver is included with the Premium Magazines.

TB6600 Dip Switch Settings

Microcontroller output Control

A Dust Cover interface is included with the Premium Magazine version. It operates on 5v power.
In the diagram below the signal (Purple) and common (Black) wires will open the dust cover when completing a circuit. In other words when the signal wire is pulled to ground the dust cover opens. This allows for wiring various switching devices in parallel. Allowing a wide range of choices for control.
A rocker switch could be utilized that opens the dust cover for manual control.
An NPN proximity sensor or a N.O. mechanical limit switch could be mounted on an axis to open the dust cover when the spindle moves into position over the magazine.
An output or relay on the motion controller will activate the dust cover during the M6 call with integrated motion control software.

Cable Legend

Colors and pin outs for the cable and GX16 8 pin connector using 7 pins

Updated on April 24, 2024

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