Below you will find downloads for the modified FluidNC builds (firmware.bin) and modified WebUI (index.html.gz) files.


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Latest Builds

RapidChange for FluidNC-v3.4.3(RC-V1.0.0)Details
RapidChange for FluidNC-v3.4.3(RC-V1.1.0) Tool & TLO PersistenceDetails
RapidChange for FluidNC-v3.7.8(RC-V1.0.0)Details
RapidChange for FluidNC-v3.7.8(RC-V1.1.0) Tool & TLO PersistenceDetails

As newer versions are released, previous versions will be listed and available here.

GitHub Repo

The repo for the build based on FluidNC-v3.7.8 can be found here.

Updated on April 17, 2024

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