An Awesome Upgrade

The patent pending RapidChange ATC magazine offers a hassle-free installation process, making it a valuable addition to your CNC workflow. Even if your CNC machine lacks an integrated M6 function, as long as it meets the essential spindle speed and rotation requirements, you can bid farewell to manual tool changes and embrace the simplicity of g-code macros.

Effortless Installation

Setting up the RapidChange ATC magazine is a breeze. Use your CNC machine to precisely locate and drill the mounting holes for the provided M6-55mm socket head cap screws. A 3D mockup model with detailed mounting hole and tool pocket recess locations can be downloaded. You may use this to ensure accurate placement and check clearances.

Mount the magazine to your machine. By using the 3D model in your CAD/CAM software you can easily and precisely locate mounting holes, pocket recesses, and even mill a temporary fence to help align and fix the magazine in position. Using this method and simple math you will be able to locate pocket one easily.
Move the spindle to the first pocket, fine-tune the X and Y reference points.
Establish the Z Engage height. This position is easily found visually.
Establish movement clearances. Decide where you want the spindle to be in Z for the various moves.
Establish feeds and speeds. set the proper feed and rpm for your particular spindle and collet set up.
Establish the tool setter location. Adapted in the magazine or any other position on the machine.
Establish seek and set feed rates for the tool touch off.
Establish Peripheral settings such as the dust cover control and tool recognition sensor with our Premium Magazine.
Begin making seamless tool changes!

Minimal Complexity, Maximum Functionality

The beauty of the RapidChange ATC Magazine lies in its simplicity. You can achieve automatic tool changes straight out of the box without the need for compressed air, solenoids, or intricate M6 integration. While additional peripherals are available for convenience and added protection, the magazine’s core functionality is simple, reliable, and requires no electrical connections.

Tool Setter Adapters

3D Probe Adapters are available for use with the supported 3D Probe. This will allow it to be used as a tool setter utilizing one of the tool pockets. You also have the option to utilize any external tool touch off device you prefer. The adapters are included with our Premium Magazines.
The 3D Probe is NOT INCLUDED.

Reliable Tool Recognition

The RapidChange ATC Premium Magazine comes with an infrared tool recognition sensor for added security during tool changes, requiring an input on the motion controller or breakout board and a 5V power source. This feature ensures reliable tool changes.

Flexible Dust Cover Control

The RapidChange ATC Premium Magazine comes with 2 Nema 17 stepper motors to drive the dust cover, providing a comprehensive solution to the problem of dust and debris management in CNC environments. It can be controlled several ways for maximum flexibility.

Power Supply

A MEAN WELL RD-35B 5v-24v combo power supply for the IR sensor and the stepper driver (24v is recommended for the stepper drivers). Is included with the Premium Magazines.

Updated on February 8, 2024

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