Magazine Installation

Spindle Threads

Inexpensive spindles and clamping nuts often come from the factory with very sharp edges and or burrs these must be knocked down. The threads should feel smooth to the touch. Burrs and sharp edges can snag and prevent the clamping nut from being spun onto the spindle. Use a file, stone, emery cloth or any other means of de-burring the spindle threads and internal threads of the clamping nuts especially at the start.


Use machine oil such as 3-1 Oil to lubricate the threads of both the spindle and clamping nut. This should be done approximately every 50-100 tool changes or daily. Keep threads clean and free of dust and chips.


Home the machine. Macros and M6 functions will all be referencing machine coordinates, so homing is essential.


Make sure your spindle is trammed perpendicular to the machine bed.

Calibrate Axes

The X,Y and Z axis must be calibrated. especially the axis perpendicular to the axis that the magazine is oriented along. In other words ER20 Pocket spacing center to center is 45mm for ER16 it is 42mm and for ER11 it is 38mm. If the magazine is mounted along the X axis the Y axis must be calibrated so that the distance from pocket one to the last pocket is consistent with those distances. The tight tolerances for the clearance holes in the cap of the magazine will indicate if things are not calibrated exactly and will also show you if your motors are loosing steps. The clamping nut should never rub while spinning in the clearance hole.

Magazine placement

By using the 3D model of your magazine in your CAD/CAM software you can easily and precisely locate mounting holes, pocket recesses, and even mill a temporary fence or pocket to help align and fix the magazine in position. Using this method and simple math you will be able to locate pocket one easily
Mount the magazine in position with the M6-55mm hex head cap screws supplied with your magazine.
If you plan to use more than 19mm or .75in of stick out you will want to mill clearance holes under the magazine or raise the magazine with a spacer, for longer stick outs. It is recommended to mill them through the bed if possible.

Configuring for M6 Macros

If you have the UCCNC wizard/plugin you can start setting it up in the software now.
If you don’t have the wizard this page will explain the settings you will need to establish for your particular control software. Configure X Y & Z Positions

Updated on February 8, 2024

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