Spindle Requirements

The RapidChange ATC Magazine is designed to allow the CNC machine itself to make the tool change.

Spindles must be controllable via g-code to run at 1200rpm both clockwise (CW) and counter-clockwise (CCW) in order to make a tool change. Some spindle manufacturers note that their spindle should not be run below 8000rpm because this could overheat the spindle if it runs at low speeds under load for an extended period of time. We have tested several spindles with this rating, and have yet to encounter any problem running at low speeds for the few seconds required for a tool change.

VFD Controlled Spindles

VFD controlled spindles have been fully tested up to 4KW to date and we have no reason to believe we have reached the limit further testing on larger spindles using ER25 and ER32 collet nuts is ongoing.

We recommend Huanyang HY series VFDs. They are currently the only brand we can offer support for. They are easily programmed for 0-10v and RS485 communication.

DC Spindle Motors

DC spindle motors can be controlled to run CCW, however not all CNC controllers support CCW rotation for DC motors. We are developing an interface solution which we hope to have available soon.

Servo Driven Spindles

Servo driven spindles have the ability to run at slow speed and CCW, they will fault during a stall and will require an instant reset in order to be compatible. This is something that involves non-trivial programming and we have not begun exploring a solution at this time. Systems like the Langmuir MR-1 use a servo spindle motor which is not compatible out of the box.

Standard Trim Routers

Standard trim routers such as DeWalt are not applicable as they do not allow RPM slow enough and will damage the Magazine.

Updated on February 8, 2024

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