New Servo Driven Dust Cover Control

This solution is coming soon!

All the wiring diagrams below are for the current stepper motor driven dust cover

Tool Recognition Sensor wiring diagram

This diagram matches the black, red and green wires from the supplied cable.

5v Relay wiring diagram

General wiring diagram

There must be a common Gnd from the 5v power supply but only one is needed.

VFD Setup

Here is a wiring diagram for wiring the VFD to run in reverse.

Masso also has a video on the subject that you can find here.

Subroutine Generation

We have developed a desktop app that will generate all the subroutine files and is similar to our other configuration UIs. This is an Alpha version, it will generate the needed subroutines but is unfinished as far as other functionality goes. You can download it here. RapidChange ATC Masso Desktop app
The app allows you to fill in all the variables for your magazine settings, then writes the files to a folder of your choosing. The files must be present in the same folder that the g code file is to be run from.

Configuration Video


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Updated on June 10, 2024

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