The RapidChange ATC Magazine is a New Revolutionary Automatic Tool Change System

Designed to allow CNC mills or routers using common spindles to make automatic tool changes without the price or complexity of traditional ATC spindle systems

Maximize Quality

Do you plan your machining strategies with the fewest tools possible? Stop cutting corners and produce quality, finished parts with ease.

Maximize Efficiency

Stop watching your machine sit idle while you hunt for wrenches and change tools by hand. Your time is valuable, and so is your machine’s.

Maximize Profit

Machine better parts, in less time, with less effort. Invest in your machine today!

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Check out our articles for more information on installing and integrating RapidChange ATC with your machine. Find answers to common questions and see if RapidChange ATC

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Tool Change Magazines

Alvin Clark
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Absolute brilliance! As a long-time hobby CNC enthusiast, the dream of owning an ATC always felt out of reach due to its high costs and intricate systems. However, the Rapid Change ATC redefines simplicity... I'm thrilled not only with the product but also with being a member of the RapidChange family.
Logan Smith
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"... With my vfd tourqe curve it takes 18 seconds to change an endmill. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to make some money with their machine. I also am happy to use a product that is made by people who are passionate about it and take pride in their work, down to the last detail."
Guillaume Ferland
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"... I used to design my parts with the intention to fabricate it with the fewest tools count. But now I got my deburring tool, engraving tool and facing tool always loaded, it makes better looking parts for less work. Thank you so much!"