Revolutionizing Automatic Tool Change!

In today’s world of automation, we believe that automatic tool change should be affordable, even standard equipment on CNC mills and routers.

This is our vision for RapidChange ATC.

It's Finally Here

After more than a year of development, testing, and input from the CNC community we are excited to announce that RapidChange ATC magazines are here.

You can order RapidChange ATC for your machine today!

Smooth Action

The RapidChange ATC magazine has undergone extensive development to ensure seamless and dependable performance. Its design and engineering focus on delivering smooth and reliable tool changes.


The RapidChange ATC system is engineered to provide ample torque, ensuring its capability to handle demanding high-speed machining applications with precision and efficiency. This robust torque capacity is a testament to its reliability in the most demanding machining scenarios.

Tool Setter

The RapidChange ATC magazine offers an optional, built-in tool setter. If you would rather have an extra tool pocket, you can externally mount a third-party tool setter instead. Both options integrate seamlessly into the tool change process. 

Tool Recognition

Crashes and lost steps can lead to machine and magazine misalignment, affecting the proper handling of tool changes. To enhance protection, we offer an optional IR tool recognition feature as part of our Complete Magazine, automatically detecting mechanical failures during tool changes and pausing program execution within the M6 call on integrated platforms.

Dust Cover

The RapidChange ATC Complete Magazine includes a dust cover powered by two small stepper motors and flexible control options. Whether performing an M6 on a fully integrated system, or running g-code macros, the RapidChange ATC dust cover will help to keep your magazine and clamping nuts clean and free of debris with minimal time and effort.