Tool Recognition and Reliability

The RapidChange ATC magazine incorporates an optional infrared (IR) tool recognition sensor, requiring just one controller input and a 5V power source. This power can be conveniently supplied via the “easy driver” board included with the dust cover option.

The effectiveness of the RapidChange ATC Magazine is absolutely dependent upon the precision of your machine and the repeatability of the X and Y limit switches. Simply stated, the magazine provides a fixed, known position for each tool pocket in the X, Y and Z coordinates. The patent pending socket geometry holds the collet assembly against rotation while allowing deflection along the Z axis as the spindle plunges to release or pick up the tool. This design replaces wrenches, with the socket acting as a wrench by holding the clamping nut against rotation while the spindle does the job of the second wrench by spinning into the clamping nut. The socket is spring loaded to allow deflection as the nut is spun off and pushes the socket down simultaneously. See the action in the video below.

Misalignment in the X and Y axes can occur due to events like crashes or step losses. This becomes evident during tool pickup or drop-off resulting in either a rough-sounding engagement or no engagement at all. As an added layer of protection we offer optional IR tool recognition utilizing an input pin on fully integrated platforms. Ensuring the precision and repeatability of limit switches is crucial for optimal performance.

With integrated platforms, tool recognition will automatically detect mechanical failures during a tool change, pausing program execution.

Updated on November 10, 2023

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