Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is there a specific torque requirement for the clamping nut when using this system?

    The system relies on the spindle's inertia to deliver torque to the clamping nut, which can be sufficient for most applications. Actual torque values may vary, but it is generally reliable for tool changes.

  • What tool holders are compatible with this system?

    It works with any ER clamping nut, including type A or UM styles. 

  • Can this system be used with different spindle types and controllers?

    Yes, it can work with various spindle types and controllers, but some adjustments may be needed depending on the specific setup.


  • Does dust or debris pose a problem for this system?

    The system's design minimizes the risk of dust or debris falling into the collets during tool changes. The dust cover only opens when the spindle is positioned over the pocket.

  • Is there a possibility of runout when changing tools using this system?

    Runout can occur with any tool change system, and it's recommended to check and adjust as needed.